This Refreshing Recipe Proves That Matcha Cocktails Are Officially a Thing


By this point, you're probably familiar with the health benefits of matcha. But for the uninitiated, the green tea powder does more than add a striking color to your morning latte—it's jam-packed with antioxidants. And it mixes just as well with booze, too. This mint and cucumber-infused cocktail from N.Y.C. seafood restaurant Catch looks and tastes like a refreshing green juice, with a little something extra.

"I wanted to make a super-fresh drink that people would want to enjoy when it's warm outside," mixologist Chris Barry tells InStyle. "Matcha has herbaceous, grassy, fruity, and dry notes. Tequila has a similar flavor profile, so the two work harmoniously when mixed together." Get your daily dose of the trending ingredient—and a little buzz going—with the easy five-step recipe below. Bottoms up!

Detox Retox

2 oz Casamigos Blanco tequila
1 oz cucumber juice
3/4 oz mint syrup
3/4 oz lime juice
1 tbsp matcha tea powder

Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a bottle or glass.

—Claire Stern (May 28, 2016)